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What We Do

A rewarding career in supply chain and logistics management is your destination and Albany State University’s Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM) has mapped out the course to get there! Professional opportunities, career progression and a lucrative salary are a few of the amenities that await traditional and non-traditional students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics management at ASU. That’s because logistics is utilized in every aspect of business, from the acquisition of parts and raw materials, to purchasing and delivery. Each day, companies are looking for new, cost saving ways to streamline their day-to-day operations using logistics. Experts are needed in finance, transportation, inventory management, plant and industrial engineering, traffic, warehousing, procurement, technology, sales and marketing.

Increase Your Earning Potential
Professionals in supply chain and logistics management have a high earning potential.

Average annual income of logisticians (

Top Logistics Management Executive
Traffic Director
Supply Chain Manager
Logistics Manager
Operations Manager
Traffic Manager
Warehouse Manager/Supervisor


Supply chain and logistics management is on the fast track to becoming recognized among the most popular and viable majors in business schools around the world. Once considered an efficient back office operation, logistics job titles now occupy key spots on the organizational charts of small businesses, government agencies and major corporations.

Albany State University leveraged the opportunity to become a major player in the industry with the development of the Center for Logistics Management (CALM).

CALM’s mission is two-fold.  It serves as a focal point for logistics innovation as well as a provider of applied research and practice.  Established in 2009, the center enhances the professional capability of logisticians by addressing problems associated with the compartmentalized nature of the business. Its purpose is to prepare students to meet the demands of a growing workforce that assists the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base located in Albany, Ga.; corporations in Georgia’s southwest region and local industries. Through partnerships with industry leaders of Fortune 500 companies, the military, academia and non-profit organizations, CALM is fulfilling its mission. 

An advisory board of directors guide CALM and ASU’s degree program in supply chain and logistics management. Students enrolled in the program are trained in how to think and operate in a cross-functional environment.

They receive an in-depth understanding about principles and theories in a core curriculum comprised of seven courses.  Classroom instruction, mentoring and a hands-on approach offered by the faculty equip students to become problem solvers and critical thinkers with analytical expertise. Students learn how to work collaboratively and efficiently as a team and are required to complete internships with companies such as Tyco, Concurrent Technologies and United Parcel Service. Graduates are prepared to accept jobs as logisticians at multi-national firms in pursuit of their ultimate goal – becoming a global leader in the industry.

Supply chain and logistics majors at ASU can expect to receive value-added learning experiences such as:

  • Relevant real-world educational application
  • Skill set development in logistics for present and future work places
  • Instruction that hones competitiveness
  • Paid and unpaid internships and co-ops
  • Advanced technical knowledge
  • Integrated learning
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Vital presentation skills