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Microsoft Dynamics AX, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is in high demand. 

Starting in Fall of 2015, many of the SCLM major courses will use the Dynamics learning environment in order to give students 100+ hours of experience using the latest and most advance ERP system on the market today.  Albany State University is now a Microsoft partner and can offer those students who are majoring in SCLM a chance to get the MDSC (Microsoft Dynamics Student Certification), which is a certification that is in-demand by employers. 

Albany State University offers "PLS" designation certification through the American Society of Transportation and Logistics

Students that complete a "Major" or "Minor" in Supply Chain and Logistics Management will be able to apply to AST&L for the "PLS" Professional designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, with no additional course work or test(s) required.

CALM Recent Updates

Over the past year, CALM has increased enrollment over 350 percent in the Supply Chain and Logistics Management 4 year degree program.

CALM completed a small contract for the Department of Energy at the Savannah River Site.

CALM is partnering with the ASU Water Policy center in order to do electronic Logistics work related to agriculture on a state funded grant.

CALM has created a "moodle" server in order to offer certification programs "online" to address the needs of the global community. From this platform customers will soon be able to take many different certificate programs related to Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

CALM online news magazine

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