Albany State-CALM

Academic Degree Programs

Albany State University offers both a BS and MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Our degree content is constantly being refreshed, under the guidance and watchful eye of industry experts and an advisory board. 

The program allows learners to develop an understanding of supply chain and logistics management principles and theory; and develop their skills in an exciting field through an integrated learning process that allows them to gain experience inside a virtual, multi-national company used to simulate a business environment.

Through the Logistics Integrated Virtual Environment (LIVE), students work as management trainees in all aspects of the supply chain using analytical, problem solving, communication and presentation skills. In addition to their work with professors, students are provided critical feedback and advice on their projects from senior logisticians. LIVE is the most realistic and professional setting students ever encounter before working at an actual company. 

For each of the seven core courses included in the SCLM degree program, students are required to address a variety of specific problems using an enterprise level, cross-functional approach. Instructors in this process become mentors not only teaching theories and principles, but assisting the learners in problem-solving. Internships are provided to students who qualify. 

The undergraduate and graduate degree programs in supply chain and logistics management is comprised of three important areas:

  1. Manufacturing, merchandising and service/government organizations—with a focus on transportation, inventory, warehousing, product scheduling, customer service, procurement and other logistics processes;
  2. Freight and passenger transportation networks; also terminal facilities operated by private firms and public authorities;
  3. Consulting firms and government agencies with an emphasis on transportation and logistics.

In addition to the above, students are able to receive three additional credentials in addition to a SCLM degree. *-PLS "Professional in Logistics and Supply chain management" offered by AST&L (The American Society of Transportation and Logistics Management), *-MDSC "Microsoft Dynamics Student Certification" offered by Microsoft, *-LSS "Lean Six Sigma" certification to the Yellow, Green and Black (MBA only) belt levels. These credentials are only available to Albany State University students