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CALM is an outreach and educational
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CALM can provide customized certification and
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BS or MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Managment (SCLM)

Albany State University now offers the BS and MBA in SCLM. Starting Fall of 2015, many of the SCLM major courses will include HANDS ON experience using the new Microsoft Dynamics AX "ERP" (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system. This means that ASU graduates will have over 100 hours of experience using Microsoft Dynamics AX. Students will now be eligible to receive the Microsoft credential called, MDSC (Microsoft Dynamics Student Certification). This is an in demand credential that employers look for. For more information call 229-430-0425.


Welcome to the Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM)

A rewarding career in supply chain and logistics management is your destination and Albany State University’s Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM) has mapped out the course to get there! Professional opportunities, career progression and a lucrative salary are a few of the amenities that await traditional and non-traditional students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics management at ASU.

Professionals in supply chain and logistics management have a high earning potential.
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CALM was established in 2009 to help meet the needs of the local & state logistics industry.
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MICROSOFT Dynamics AX, an ERP (Enterprise Resouce Planning) system that SCLM Majors use to gain over 100 hours of "hands-on" experience, plus the MDSC certifcation (Microsoft Dynamics Student Certification).

Starting Fall of 2015, SCLM majors will have both in class and homework requirements utilizing the latest ERP software from Microsoft called Dynamics AX. Upon completion of the 100 hour minimum, students who are in good standing can apply for this new in-demand credential employers look for.